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Trave In Mount FanJing

Mount Fanjing, formerly known as the "Three Valley", is the fifth of the Five Sacred Buddhist Mountains of China, as famous as the Wutai Mountain in Shanxi, Mount Emei in Sichuan, Jiuhua Mountain in Anhui, Putuo Mountain in Zhejiang. You can simply come to Mount Fanjing as a lung-cleaning trip by taking a cable car to visit the top-down jungle changes or you can take a deep breath, climbing 8000 steps to hone will and enjoy the joy after the conquest. Looking all the way to find Guizhou Golden Monkey and dove flowers, close to the top of the mountain is the full view of the three wonders-the Old Golden Summit, the Mushroom Stone and the Red Clouds Golden Summit. Only then, you are not in vain to Mount Fanjing.

Best travel time

Spring (March to May), from April to May, is the most beautiful season Mount Fanjing as the azaleas bloom all over the mountains and plains.

Summer (June to August), waterfalls are like curtains and deep pools are like mirrors. Above the elevation of 1600 meters of the peak, with thick deciduous trees and pine trees, visitors can enjoy the Black Bay River Falls and Taiping River rafting. Seasonal precipitation is concentrated in May, June, July and August, sometimes with a short thunderstorm. If visitors travel at this time, an umbrella and thick clothes should be taken.

Autumn (September to November), is like a colorful world, with decreasing elevation, showing various colors of red, yellow, purple, green, etc gradually. Around the Mid-autumn Festival, the weather is usually sunny, visitors can see the sunrise and sunset and enjoy the full moon.

Winter (December to February), the mountains dance like a silver snake, crystal jade snow will make the Mount Fanjing like a plain landscape painting, quite beautiful.

Dress Guide

The climate of the summit on the mountain is changeable. Whenever possible, it is best to bring long sleeved clothes, thin coat for summer and a thick coat for spring or autumn. Get rain gear ready in summer. Raincoats are much better than umbrellas because of the heavy wind on the summit. Wear quick-dry clothes and fleece jackets to climb in winter, and wear thin thermal underwear or sports underwear and fleece jackets to take the cable car to the summit of the mountain.