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New Golden Summit

The New Golden Summit, an elevation of 2336m, is the most dangerous one of the three golden summits, with a vertical elevation difference of one hundred meters. It is also called the Red Clouds Golden Summit, which sounds like “Hong Yun” Golden Summit in Chinese, meaning good fortune, as it is often surrounded by red auspicious clouds in the morning. The upper part of the summit is divided into two lonely peaks by Golden Knife Gorge-In the south is the Temple of the Buddha, dedicated to Buddha Shakyamuni; and in the north is a Maitreya Temple, dedicated to Maitreya, connected by a bridge, like a dragon. The Red Clouds Golden Summit shows up different images when seen from different points of view. It not only looks like a double-finger Zen of Buddha’s hand but also like a Totem of life. Therefore, it is called "The No.1 Peak under Heaven”.