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Mount Fanjing Specialties

Mount Fanjing, the highest elevation of 2572 meters, is the main peak of Wuling mountains, with conspicuous characteristics of mid-subtropical mountains monsoon climate. A variety of floristic geographical elements collected in the area, bringing together various plants, ancient and relict species, and various types of vegetation. The obvious vertical zonation shows that it is the typical native vegetation reserve of mid-subtropical mountains in Western China. Hence there are rich natural resources Mount Fanjing region. Among them, the most typical specialties are purple jade stone, Jiangkou tofu, dried beef bar.

The purple jade stone is unique in Mount Fanjing. This stone has many clear colors, running parallel and equally distributed, like a jade belt. The surface of the stone has delicate patterns, shaped like a purple robe. The screens, inkstone pond, ink box, seals which are carved of the stone, have gorgeous colors and clear layer, especially precious.

The ingredients of Jiangkou tofu are from high quality beans of Mount Fanjing, with special cooking method, dried on the shelf of cloaks. It is crispy, bright and crystal clear, with rich nutrition, either raw or fried. And it is the best choice as gifts.

Dried beef bar: Making pickled beef bar has to laughter a fine cattle before or after cold dew, and then cut down 24 regular beeves. Dry the fresh beef in well ventilated place thoroughly. After being fried with salt knead for a few times, add something like Chinese five spice powder, flower pepper. Level and press while putting into a vat, sprinkle salt, fastened the vat with several layers of paper. Take out after around 20 days, use the rope hanging and airing. Two days later, level, squeeze, pressurizing water and drying, until the meat is dry and hard. The good beef bar rows on a wooden shelf neatly and looks like millet shell color. The fragrance is amazing.