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Local Cuisine of Mount Fanjing

Mount Fanjing belongs to Guizhou but borders Hunan, so the diet custom has absorbed the strengths of two provinces-spicy flavor of Hunan and acid flavor of Guizhou, with a unique natural environment, making the food here distinctively. For thousands of years, people here are maintained their most natural way of life, cultivating and harvesting, recuperating, living a self-sufficient life.

Here are some specialties of Mount Fanjing for visitors:

  • Sweet Glutinous Rice Cake

    Sweet glutinous rice cake is an ancient symbol for festivals and celebrations. It is widely used as gifts for friends and relatives during festivals, as food to entertain the guests, as “Paoliangba” when crossing bar in house building of rural area, for an auspicious meaning. In addition to the selection of raw materials and the sophisticated technology of production, usually people choose high-quality sauteed soybeans and sugar to grind into fine powder at the same time as a seasoning. The taste is soft, glutinous but not sticky, sweet and delicious.

  • Dried Tofu

    Jiangkou dried tofu is a kind of food full of local characteristics, with unique flavor. The cooking process is very complex, more than 10 processes are needed to make a dish. Besides that, the cooking method of dried tofu varies, either eaten with wine, crisp fried with oil, or cut into shreds and fried with meat, all very tasty.

  • Rice tofu

    The main raw material of Jiangkou rice tofu is tribute rice of Mount Fanjing, straw ash or Tongke ash. First, put appropriate amount of water into the straw ash or Tongke ash, soaking, so that it will turn into alkaline water. Then soak the tribute rice of Mount Fanjing with the alkaline water for a few hours and then ground into paste. After that, knead into square and strip rice tofu. Finally, steam with the fire.

    Jiangkou rice tofu is crispy, bright and crystal clear. It can be cut into pieces, strip, blocks or made as shrimp rice tofu, cooked with Jiang Kou special chili oil, vinegar pepper, seasoning, tasting acid, spicy, creamy and delicious, and can be eaten either in cold heat or be boiled. One of the local snacks for both the old and the young of Jiangkou.

  • Dried Beef Bar

    Making pickled beef bar needs to dry the fresh beef in well ventilated place thoroughly. After being fried with salt knead for a few times, add something like Chinese five spice powder, flower pepper. Level and press while putting into a vat, sprinkle salt, fastened the vat with several layers of paper. Take out after around 20 days, use the rope hanging and airing. Two days later, level, squeeze, pressurizing water and drying, until the meat is dry and hard. The good beef bar rows on a wooden shelf neatly and looks like millet shell color. The fragrance is amazing.

  • Mountain fiddlehead rice cake

    Fiddlehead is a kind of wild vegetable abound in our country. Grind the fiddlehead into starch, stirred with water, after clarification, remove the water, steam or fried the precipitate (fiddlehead starch), the fiddlehead rice cake is done. The colour of it is black and yellow, its taste soft and glutinous with slightly astringent, giving a unique flavor. Fiddlehead cake will be black after frying, much like kelp, but it tastes completely different. It is sweet, soft and nutritious. Fried with garlic, bacon, everyone will have a desire to eat a bowl of rice.

  • Jiaojiao Fish

    Jiaojiao fish is a must when visitors come to Mount Fanjing. This delicious cuisine, Jiaojiao fish, has overflowing fragrance and extremely delicious. People have a a wide choice in its flavor, salty, mild, acid, sweet... Anyway, no matter what kind cooking method it is, all the flavor will attract a large number of patrons. The delicacy of Jiaojiao fish cannot be resist.

  • Sour radish

    Kimchi is indispensable in people's daily life of Tongren. It not only has the advantages of simple cooking method, abundant raw materials, affordable, both time and labor-saving, easy to preserve. But also, in its flavor, it is delicious and crisp, various cooking styles, tasty and refreshing, with rich nutrition, and fueling the appetite. So people love it very much. And the sour radish is a classic one.